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Hardware, Embedded Systems The big thing in notebooks right now are netbooks. They're cheap, more than powerful enough for day-to-day tasks, and small enough to actually carry around without anyone even noticing you're carrying one (not a bad thing in some parts of the world). However, they also receive a lot of criticism, such as cramped keyboards and displays that are too small. So, at Kaiwai's suggestion, here's a question for you all: how do you use your netbook?
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RE: Watch TV in my bed
by broken_symlink on Fri 21st Aug 2009 12:36 UTC in reply to "Watch TV in my bed"
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do you use a usb tv tuner stick?

i've been eying the asus seashell 1005ha-pu1x for a while. My ideal setup would be one of those with a atsc/clearqam usb tuner stick, upgraded with a 320gb hd and 2gb ram, and mythtv.

I currently have a 15in. 1st gen unibody macbook pro, and have really been considering selling it and getting a netbook. I've been using macs for a while now, my first was a 1.3ghz 12in. g4 powerbook, but i realized all of the apps i use on os x are foss things that come from linux.

The reason i am hesitant is because of the amount of time I would waste setting everything up the way I like. I love to tinker with stuff, its an addiction. OS X just works, so i actually get real work done instead of playing with stuff.

Another reason i was really hesitant until now, was because most netbooks lack multitouch mouse pads. If there is one thing i love about the unibody mbp it is the giant multitouch mouse pad. The asus seashell is one of the first i've seen to include one. But i wonder how useful they are in linux. OS X has some nice features that exploit a multitouch pad well.

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