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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y As it turns out, the relationship between Apple and Palm is even less amicable than we already thought it to be. Bloomberg got their hands on communications between Ed Colligan, then-CEO of Palm, and Steve Jobs in which Jobs made a proposal in which the two companies would promise to refrain from hiring each other's employees. Colligan, however, rejected the proposal, calling it wrong and "likely illegal".
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by rajan r on Fri 21st Aug 2009 20:31 UTC
rajan r
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Having interned at an "executive placement/search company" (i.e. headhunters), I know this isn't a case of an Apple employee freely applying for a Palm job - this is likely to be poaching.

Anti-poaching agreements between companies essentially prevent companies from headhunting the other's employees - i.e. unsolicited enticements, calls for interviews, etc.

If Palm and Apple signs something like this, it doesn't prevent an Apple employee from applying for a job in Palm. It just prevents Palm from going after an Apple employee. And vice versa. I don't see how this is illegal; it's certainly not in Palm's (the clear underdog) favour in any case.

Its pretty hard for companies to get top engineers, designers, etc. without headhunting. The most qualified candidates usually aren't looking for a job, because people usually look for a new job when:
a) they find themselve incompatible in a company, or the prospects for them in the company isn't that great, or something along those lines. This doesn't apply for the sort of employees Palm is looking; Apple treats its talent well.
b) they want to try something new - but considering Palm is merely designing a competing product, its unlikely they will consider Palm.

An anti-poaching agreement only makes sense when this comes in a way of inter-company business (e.g. Google and Apple), and when the company isn't in a huge need for such talent. Apple needs to dangle way larger carrots in Palm's way to get it to agree to such a one-sided arrangement.

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