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Linux user Tess Flynn joins us to follow up on the feedback from last week's episode about Xorg.

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Xorg stabiliy
by ideasman42 on Mon 24th Aug 2009 14:29 UTC
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Hi, during the conversation of X stability it seemed to be a given that Xorg is unstable for advanced graphics.

Id like to say that this isnt my experience, since I found hardware that worked well with linux and made careful decisions with upgrades.

I often use blender3D on linux for weeks without a reboot with an NVidia8800, (normally reboot for kernel updates).

I have also setup a studio ~14 or so PCs with NVidias.
My dad and my girlfriend also use ubuntu and I dont hear them complaining of crashes.
Our studio ;)

One thing I make sure is never to use ATI cards/drivers, of course Xorg should support this but just because Xorg isnt stable with every hardware configuration doesnt mean its unstable for everyone.

So while Im not saying Thom's opinion was somehow wrong, Its also worth keeping in mind that with well supported hardware, linux+xorg can be very stable too.

PS, the linux check is awesome, dont scare her away ;)

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