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Linux A reader asks: Why is Linux still not as user friendly as the two other main OSes with all the people developing for Linux? Is it because it is mainly developed by geeks? My initial feeling when reading this question was that it was kind of a throwaway, kind of a slam in disguise as a genuine question. But the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I felt. There truly are a large amount of resources being dedicated to the development of Linux and its operating system halo (DEs, drivers, apps, etc). Some of these resources are from large companies (IBM, Red Hat, Novell). Why isn't Linux more user-friendly? Is this an inherent limitation with open source software?
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So, where's the proof? You claim Linux is number one everywhere, but you need to back that up.

Lets start simple for you. Show me proof for either Linux being number in phones, or being number one on desktops.

Good luck!

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So, where's the proof?

In all the stories per week you personnaly refused to publish and discard without reading them ...

You claim Linux is number one everywhere

I don't make claim , and you know that very well.

I use real global data , confirmed by at least 5 different real source , that say it's #1.

but you need to back that up.

No , it's already done.

Lets start simple for you

But I don't need to do simple research that you can't do or show you anything ... Just reach into the archive of submission.

Show me proof for either Linux being number in phones

Whats the #1 phone by usage ?
Whats the #2 ?
Whats the #3 ?
Whats the #4 ?
Whats the #5 ?

What OS do they all run ?

In what country do they ship ?

Good luck!

I don't need luck with hamster's ;-)

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So you have no proof, and you're talking out of your bum.

News at 11!

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