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Legal Not too long ago, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explained he had found the perfect husband for Lara Croft: Jason Voorhees. They both have way too many sequels all following a default plot, they both murder a lot and spend a lot of time underground, but most of all: none of them will ever just die. In that light, I suggest another husband for Miss Croft: Darl McBride. Instant update: Darl McBride responds. See inside.
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Well, I work for the system so I have a first hand viewpoint. As I said, it has its faults and there is much room for improvement.

So...the inevitable follow-up question would probably be "And how many other legal systems have you been exposed to?"

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Excellent point, and you're right: I only have first hand experience with our own here in the US. I base my comparison of others on what I get from the worldwide media.

But I can pose a similar question: What do non US citizens base their opinions on? Have they been exposed to the US system?

It goes both ways, my friend.

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It goes both ways, my friend.

Absolutely. sister is a US citizen and the experiences she's had with the US system make ours here in Australia look pretty bloody good.

Like most things in the US...if you can't pay, you can't play. As with health care, legal fees in the US are astronomical compared to Aus.

Luckily she's been financially secure enough to see through any legal issues, but for the everyday 'Joes' trying to get a little justice, it's potentially crippling financially.

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