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Legal Not too long ago, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw explained he had found the perfect husband for Lara Croft: Jason Voorhees. They both have way too many sequels all following a default plot, they both murder a lot and spend a lot of time underground, but most of all: none of them will ever just die. In that light, I suggest another husband for Miss Croft: Darl McBride. Instant update: Darl McBride responds. See inside.
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With all its faults, I still think the US court system is the most fair in the world, generally speaking.

Then what do you make of the recent ruling which I'd paraphrase like this: customers have "fair use" rights but it's forbidden for anyone to make tools that would let them exercise their rights.

You may say it's the law, not the courts. But it doesn;t really matter. It's the legal system. And it has been piling crap on top of other crap for so long that it's now mostly a dung hill. And don't get me started on the patent system...

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