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Oracle and SUN "Sun Microsystems' product plans are up in the air pending its acquisition by Oracle, but the company's chip engineers continue to present new designs in the hope they'll see the light of day. At the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University on Tuesday, Sun presented plans for a security accelerator chip that it said would reduce encryption costs for applications such as VoIP calls and online banking Web sites. The chip, known as a coprocessor, will be included on the same silicon as Rainbow Falls, the code name for the follow-on to Sun's multithreaded Ultrasparc T2 processor."
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RE: Again and again...
by jwwf on Thu 27th Aug 2009 02:45 UTC in reply to "Again and again..."
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Niagara comes out with built-in SSL accelerator, 3rd party accelerator comes out soon after and turn it into mince meat. T2 comes out with better built-in SSL accelerator, 3rd party accelerator comes out soon after and laughs in its face.

Does anyone see a worthless trend here?

If Sun isn't careful, they're going to die... oops, too late...

Don't see the problem. If I can have either a super low volume $2000 board, with third party drivers, versus integrated "dont have to do anything" support in the vendor's own OS and system, I'll pick the latter unless the dedicated guy is better by an order of magnitude AND it actually matters.

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