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GNU, GPL, Open Source When Windows Vista was launched, the Free Software Foundation started its BadVista campaign, which was aimed at informing users about what the FSF considered user-restrictive features in Vista. Luckily for the FSF, Vista didn't really need a bad-mouthing campaign to fail. Now that Windows 7 is receiving a lot of positive press, the FSF dusted off the BadVista drum, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.
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for simply questioning

They are not questionning , they are slandering and libelling against the FSF anonymously , with the full knowledge that the justice system statuated they where wrong.

you pretty much reinforce the image

No , I destroy the painting , because if my action would really have any effect , then GNU/Linux would not be #1 and a mainstream growing OS ...

the FSF fostering a movement of zealots and serve to undermine the principles that the FSF advocates

Can't stop liar and cowards from making stuff up , like you just did based on real wars they see on TV ... Just showing by extreme how ridiculous their liea and made up fictions are.

Did it occur to you that the developers contributing to BSD-licensed projects wanted their code to be "free" for developers to use as they wanted?

Did it occur to you that to be licensed or relicensed the code can only be by the owner of that code ?

Seems to me it worked pretty well.

Of course it's the leat used code with the least support both from it's own community and from corporation or hardware maker and distributor ...

How can you call it a failure?

I am a longtime BSD professional ...

It has different objectives than the GPL,

No , it had the same exact objective and goal of the GPL. Freeing proprietary code ( UNIX ).

and the adoption of BSD software by "thieves and liars" underscores its success.

So what you are saying is success is measured by how thief and liar , like it and use it and the espense of BSD itself ...

Your arguments against it are reminiscent of Microsoft's criticism of the GPL being cancerous.

Microsoft is against the GPL , I don't make an argument against real BSD , history as shown that it don't work.

The ultimate freedom lies with developers to choose how their software can be distributed.

No , the ultimate Freedom is when everyone is equal at all level , when nothing get closed and everything is really Open Source , so that everyone can improve it , study it , learn from it and finally improve or change it.

You can't do that with the majority of BSD's.

You don't have a say in that

It's the entire BSD who are lying , illegal and without property of their own , that don't have any say.

until you start coding.

You seem to have it in your mind to say that only BSD coder/developer have any say ...

developers have the right to decide how their code can be used.

Yes , with their code , not the code of others they are allowed to use.

The point is that the FSF is often critical of licenses that don't meet their arbitrary standards of the four freedoms,

No , the point is the owner of the code get to decide.

If your stealing it ( UNIX ) and using someone else code ( GPL , MIT , ETC ... ) ( in your illegal derivative ( BSD) ) , your not the owner and your relicensing is illegal.

but overlooks the fact that alternative licenses have still powered popular and successful projects that benefit the OSS community, and their users, in general. Doesn't make anyone a liar or thief.

Yes of those that steal other code and relicinse it to close it illegally , when nothing and no one gave them the permission to do so.

I suspect the irony of your answer is entirely lost.

Because their is no irony ? Their is many company that do not steal Free Software or other code and do fine everyday , they use legal base witch they acquired legally and got permission by the owner to use , you don't have to deal with GPL code at all , if that is your wish.

Who are you to say that?

Moulinneuf ...

Why is your world so black-and-white?

I live in a colored world , where GPL hater have this tendency of saying , and lying about it in doing so , that they don't hate the GPL when their entire speech and position is anti-GPL and majoritarely also anti FSF.

I don't have a problem with the GPL

Yes , you do.

I've enjoyed the benefits of using linux for a number of years now.

Your not just enjoying the kernel ...

guess that makes me a liar, thief, and coward because I don't spam online forums advocating the superiority of the GPL.

No , but that sentence of yours make you a moron.

Defending the GPL against liar , coward and thief don't make it superior or being advocated or more into your point the only possible choice.

It's certainly not being SPAMMED either , in a topix witch is under a category about it.

I'll continue to respect the choice of the developers,

Your certainly doing the opposite of that by bashing the GPL , and it's user's , advocate , developers and contributor's every chance you get ...

It's sad that you have such a burning zealotry that becomes apparent every time a GPL-related post appears here.

No what is sad is that you don't know the meaning of most of the word you use , if I where a zealot , I would try to kill you just for disagreeing with me.
Without any reply or advance notice.

What your really doing is trying to remove my right to oppose your lies and nonsense that have no basis in reality or in laws.

If you harnessed that energy for advocacy ... contributing to the cause you serve.

I can do both , even do I am not doing advocacy , people with more talent and skills for it then me already do that.

rather than toxic, denigrating and, frankly, obnoxious attacks,

Pathethic really , how in a FSF Launches 'Windows 7 Sins' Campaign article , the BSD fabulate themself that they are the victims of a toxic , denigrating and frankly obnoxious attack ...

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I think Moulinneuf is the Sarah Palin of FOSS. That there is some wackiness always guaranteed to amuse.

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I think

Really ? Must be what pass as brilliant
US thinking these days :

the Sarah Palin of FOSS.

I don't get it , one stand for lies and US politic corruption ( Palin ) , the other for Free And Open Source software.

That there is some wackiness always guaranteed to amuse.

No , you are amusing , me , aparently with my mrere presence in writing I am downright scaring the cowards and liar into a frenzy ...

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This guy is clearly a troll, please don't continue to feed him.

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