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GNU, GPL, Open Source When Windows Vista was launched, the Free Software Foundation started its BadVista campaign, which was aimed at informing users about what the FSF considered user-restrictive features in Vista. Luckily for the FSF, Vista didn't really need a bad-mouthing campaign to fail. Now that Windows 7 is receiving a lot of positive press, the FSF dusted off the BadVista drum, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.
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RE[2]: Why?
by nt_jerkface on Thu 27th Aug 2009 06:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Why?"
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Right now I'm writing software for a project that will process mail for millions of users and is hosted on Linux (the only thing that can scale cost-wise in such huge server farms - same way Google uses Linux). Doing this would not be economical if we were paying for Windows licenses on this scale.

I didn't say Linux is useless, I was just pointing out how silly it is believe that proprietary software is immoral. Most life-saving software is proprietary, so would the world be better if it didn't exist?

As for your project Linux isn't the only Unix that can be used in server farms. There's also FreeBSD and OpenSolaris.

For all the corporate support of Linux it is funny how Freebsd which as a fraction of the funding is still a viable alternative. If Linux didn't exist FreeBSD would have taken its place on all those backbone servers. It isn't like the internet wouldn't exist if Stallman didn't put forth his Commandments of Freedom.

Sorry but I'm not going to keep my mouth shut when a collectivist who doesn't have to work for a living spends his time defaming proprietary software. You are free to follow him and his Freedoms** while I am free to call bs on the whole thing.

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