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GNU, GPL, Open Source When Windows Vista was launched, the Free Software Foundation started its BadVista campaign, which was aimed at informing users about what the FSF considered user-restrictive features in Vista. Luckily for the FSF, Vista didn't really need a bad-mouthing campaign to fail. Now that Windows 7 is receiving a lot of positive press, the FSF dusted off the BadVista drum, and gave it a fresh coat of paint.
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This is a common misconception that a developer need make there program work on each individual distribution that happens to use a Linux kernel. The reality is that they need only make there program compile with modern libraries. It is the responsibility of the distribution providers to insure it works and is packaged for there product. There is also no end to the examples of software with retail value sold for use on Linux based platforms.

This doesn't relate to the FSF point of your comment though. It is only offered to clarify your idea that developing for non-Windows systems is somehow more complicated.

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