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Linux A complaint you hear quite often is that the Linux desktop environments, which mostly refers to KDE and GNOME, are trying too hard to be like Windows and Mac OS X. Now, even James Bottomley, Distinguished Engineer at Novell, Director of the Linux Foundation, and Chair of its Technical Advisory Board (put that on your business card) states in an interview that he believes the Linux desktop is too much like Windows and Mac.
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RE[3]: The TWM, Ion & Others...
by antenna on Fri 28th Aug 2009 00:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The TWM, Ion & Others..."
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I have been imagining a compositing tiling WM lately, I think it could actually work fairly well if not too flashy.

Anyway, not much to add but I would like to see more emphasis on tiling WM's also, it sounds kind of funny but I think they are the way forward (ah one can dream).

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setec_astronomy Member since:

You mean something like this?

(It is a screencast about the tiling capabilities that kwin gained during the last season of kde program. Extra kudos to the developer Nikhil Marathe Gandhinagar, who worked on this project over the course of the summer even though it was not granted a slot in this years GSOC)

Implementing tiling specific compositing is afaik on the roadmap once the basic functionality is ready for trunk.

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antenna Member since:

Maybe, maybe not - I didn't really see anything in that particular video that distinguishes it from the ones that already exist. Could be interesting though.

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