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Internet & Networking Another instalment of Ask OSNews. A reader sent us in a question about browser security and privacy. "Could you please advise me and your readers on what you consider to be the safest web browser? I am considering the term 'safe' from both a privacy and security stand point."
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by wooptoo on Fri 28th Aug 2009 13:31 UTC
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Don't forget about Iron, which is based on chromium, but with all the privacy infringing features removed

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RE: Iron
by big_gie on Fri 28th Aug 2009 13:42 in reply to "Iron"
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After reading about Chromium vs Chrome, I had the feeling chromium was about the same as chrome. According to wikipedia:

'Chromium' is the name of the project, not the product, and should never appear in code in variable names, API names etc. Use 'chrome' instead.

Honestly, I don't know really what the difference between them two is, except for logo/artwork/trademarks... I would suspect chromium, which I'm trying right now on linux, does the same privacy invading stuff as chrome.

Iron seems really nice, but there snapshot is outdated... It was not working correctly either here. And the adblock feature was not working, maybe not yet implemented in the linux build...

What I would like is a patch/option where you could just disable manually the privacy invading "features"[1] individually.


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RE: Iron
by suryad on Sat 29th Aug 2009 05:45 in reply to "Iron"
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That is the main browser that I use...

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