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OSNews, Generic OSes "Newmium is currently developing iXRIOS, a high-speed, multi-processor, multi-operative, real-time operating system based on the workstation-server model. Users log on to a specific machine on which their operatives execute by default. They can request remote execution of their operatives via automatic and transparent load balancing of operatives and processors. Coupled with transparent load balancing, the iXRIOS system is loading only required services and drivers. iXRIOS is going to be restricted to commercial USA corporations. All government and non-profits are excluded from the program."
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RE: Seriously...
by Morgan on Sun 30th Aug 2009 03:37 UTC in reply to "Seriously..."
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The entire website appears to be written by either a simpleton or a child. Also, I think the "no government, no non-profit" is to keep out the very groups that would expose it for the fraud it seems to be.

Besides, government agencies that would potentially benefit from such a secure and robust platform already roll their own; NSA's SELinux immediately springs to mind.

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