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Internet & Networking While browsing the ever-wider world web today, I came across a story about IBM's patent of a sort of "Facebook Remote Control." It was appalling. Do we seriously need more single-purpose devices that will enable us to sit around more wasting more time than we already do? Does anyone really need to seclude themselves from the world even more to publish their lives on yet another teen-infested network? Must we really always be connected to the net? Read on for my ramble concerning a dark side of technology.
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Oh great! Another prophet!
by r_a_trip on Tue 1st Sep 2009 09:32 UTC
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I've spouted off a whole lot of my own garbage, now, and it's not really important.

Indeed you have. Now a reality check. It is non of your F-ing business how others spend their journey between the cradle and the grave. Despite thousands of years of philosophy, religion and other punditry, the purpose of life sofar still seems to be to merely exist and continue to exist. How that existence is shaped is a personal choice.

It doesn't make one iota of difference if you spend your life on the couch or as a top athlete. 500 years from now nobody cares if you existed or not. Nobody really cares what you did or didn't do. Nobody cares about you personally even if you you came up with the Grand Unified Theory of Everything. Your name would be a character string attached to the theory, but nobody would really know who you were and probably wouldn't care if they knew you despised remotes or not. They'd probably grab the remote and switch the channel if Discovery went on too much about your pro-1950's active, wholesome livestyle propaganda.

Now, the sun is shining and the dandelions are still in bloom, so if you don't mind I will forget about your anti-couch-potato rant and get on with my life. A life which maybe filled with mindless entertainment or deep thoughts or heavy labor, but a life nonetheless that doesn't care about your remote gadgetry hatred.

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