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Opera Software After a long gestation period, Opera has released version 10 of their browser, which comes packed with a whole lot of improvements and new features. It's got a completely new interface, a turbo mode for those days of bandwith drought, automatic updates (finally!), and lots more.
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Check out Kentucky fried chickens website in opera 10. You get redirected to the mobile version of their site. (which oddly enough has nutrition info different than their regular site.)

Off topic - "subservient chicken" seems to be still online:

That being said - anyone prefer Opera 10 on a low-powered (Linux) netbook?

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That being said - anyone prefer Opera 10 on a low-powered (Linux) netbook?

I'm a big fan of Opera on low end hardware like Netbooks. The more efficient use of resources comes into its own, especially if you like to browse with multiple tabs open.

I think Opera's UI can be great for small screens too, at least if you tweak it a bit. The fullscreen mode works well and is nicely configurable, and Fit to Width can by very convenient on some sites.

Then there's ctrl+tab (or right-button+scroll wheel) tab switching, and the window list in the panel (easily hidden when not needed), allowing the tab bar to be removed to save space. With mouse gestures you can get rid of toolbar buttons too if you want a really minimalist interface.

You can strip down the UI in other browsers, but I think that some of Opera's features allow it to maintain greater functionality in that kind of configuration.

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