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KDE In sync with its release schedule, the KDE team has released KDE 4.3.1, the latest and greatest in the KDE line. This monthly release includes fixes for many outstanding bugs, including several crash fixes, and support for transferring files over ssh via KIO::Fish. Those who use KDE can wait for it to be updated on its own or can always download it themselves. On a sadder note, a family member of one of the developers on the team recently passed away; this release is dedicated to her. "KDE 4.3.1 is dedicated to Emma Hope Pyne, the daughter of Michael Pyne. Emma Hope suddenly passed away last week. The KDE community feels incredibly sad about this loss and wishes Michael and the family and friends all the strength needed to cope with the loss of Emma Hope." Our best wishes go out to Michael and his family.
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You've said it: "My pet bug...". As far as I'm concerned adding that is not such a top priority.

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It's not about "adding" it but finally "fixing" it. And there are multiple bug reports about this, the whole keyboard system seems broken since 4.0. Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch workspaces does not work either as another example.
I don't want new stuff I want the old stuff to work like it should.

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At least your pet bug is fixed.

But you're right, CTRL+SHIFT+TAB doesn't switch to the next workspace / desktop. Not sure why you'd want it too, since it doesn't make much sense.

In any case, since you couldn't dig out a link to either your pet bug or your second bug, I took the liberty of filing a bug report for you, here:

Unless you just wanted to complain, of course.

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