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GNU, GPL, Open Source David Chisnall casts a critical eye over the GNU General Public License and asks whether it's done more harm than good for the Free Software movement. "Looking back, has the GPL been a help, or a hindrance? And will it continue to be a help or hindrance in the future?"
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Mark Williamson
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His last comment is that more permissive software is getting more commercial development than GPL'ed software. I find this really hard to believe.

With you on that. IMO BSD licensed code is better for companies to use as a base to build a proprietary product on, nothing wrong with that. GPL code is better when a company doesn't want to maintain the whole codebase without community support but wants a guarantee that competitors won't be able to base proprietary code on their contributions.

The idea that BSD-licensed code is more company-friendly is not really accurate - it's more friendly to certain kinds of companies with certain kinds of development model. For others, GPL projects are a better bet. For others, fully proprietary is a better bet.

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