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Opera Software After a long gestation period, Opera has released version 10 of their browser, which comes packed with a whole lot of improvements and new features. It's got a completely new interface, a turbo mode for those days of bandwith drought, automatic updates (finally!), and lots more.
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I remembered now why I don't use Opera
by WereCatf on Wed 2nd Sep 2009 15:15 UTC
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I like the addons I have installed in FireFox, some of them are fun, some of them are useful, and none of them are available for Opera. That is bothersome but that's still not a showstopper. I could probably do without them if I had to.

But the fact that Opera insists on having its own shortcuts for everything and doesn't follow the platform standards annoys the hell out of me. I use ctrl+number on Windows and alt+number on Linux to switch to different tabs but neither of those combinations work on Opera. Every single other app I use works just fine, only Opera refuses to allow that. Cycling through the tabs isn't the same thing. When I press ctrl+number/alt+number I jump directly to the tab I want, no hassle and no need to cycle through them all. You may think I'm crazy, but that just is a no-go for me :/

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WereCatf, platform shortucts are pain in a... Opera has much better alternative - I cycle from tab to tab using 1/2 keys on keyboard. No f-ing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-....-Tab.
Just 1 - go left, 2 - go right. Fits left hand perfectly.

The same for back/forward - Opera uses Z/X. Instead of STUPID Alt-Left, Alt-Right where you need TWO hands to press it!! (eg. many smaller notebooks don't have right alt)

P.S. You have to enable 'one key shortcuts' in settings for this to work.

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WereCatf, platform shortucts are pain in a... Opera has much better alternative - I cycle from tab to tab using 1/2 keys on keyboard

Thatt is better for you, does not and will not work for me though. I am often f.ex. writing something on some form and have to switch tabs, check something on another and switch back..but if the shortcut is only one key it'll get entered in the form instead. And as I also said, cycling tabs is slower than jumping directly to the tab I want.. As such, Opera doesn't suit me.

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