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GNU, GPL, Open Source David Chisnall casts a critical eye over the GNU General Public License and asks whether it's done more harm than good for the Free Software movement. "Looking back, has the GPL been a help, or a hindrance? And will it continue to be a help or hindrance in the future?"
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Mark Williamson
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Both licenses have a place, I think

Definitvely, but I dislike how a bunch of loonies members of the FSF condemn anyone who makes a different choise.

I'm absolutely with you on that point! Free stuff, be it GPL or BSD or whatever is always a good thing in my opinion. And there is never, ever, ever anything wrong with BSD licensing something if that looks like the best choice to the author of the code.

Personally, I think the GPL is a great license and that part of the reason it is great is due to the insight and effort put into it by RMS and the FSF. But at the same time, some of the things RMS and the FSF come out with sound ridiculous to me. I don't always like their politics, though I do respect that they are generally pretty consistent in their positions.

I think the reasons the GPL has been so successful are somewhat different to the reasons it has been created.

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