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Graphics, User Interfaces You probably missed this earth-shattering news, but Ikea IKEA, the Swedish furniture and other assorted home decoration products company, has switched fonts. The company always used the Futura font for its catalogues, but the latest edition has ditched it in favour of Verdana. This has caused quite the stir among typography geeks.
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personal preferences...
by FishB8 on Thu 3rd Sep 2009 23:49 UTC
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for screen: DejaVu Sans
for print: Gyre Termes

and I hate verdana.

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RE: personal preferences...
by Moredhas on Sat 5th Sep 2009 05:56 in reply to "personal preferences..."
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On screen, I agree, Deja vu sans is great. I bold it for my window titles. In print, the font I prefer depends on what I want to type. For palm cards for speeches, I like in a monospace font like Courier New or Liberation Mono. Each word takes up a lot of space, and each letter is clear for quick reading at a glance. That's just a personal preference though, others swear that Arial is better because individual words have more distinct shapes. For internal documents at work, I like Liberation Sans and Liberation Serif. Whichever is used, I like consistency throughout the document.

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Peter Besenbruch Member since:

for screen: DejaVu Sans
for print: Gyre Termes

I second the DejaVu family for on screen. For printing, I'm a fan of the Free family, especially Free Serif. It's a bit more graceful (and taller) than Times New Roman. Then again, I'm a stick in the mud; I actually like Times New Roman for printing.

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