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Graphics, User Interfaces You probably missed this earth-shattering news, but Ikea IKEA, the Swedish furniture and other assorted home decoration products company, has switched fonts. The company always used the Futura font for its catalogues, but the latest edition has ditched it in favour of Verdana. This has caused quite the stir among typography geeks.
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RE[2]: Hilarious
by Soulbender on Fri 4th Sep 2009 06:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Hilarious"
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Serously, where does THAT kind of attitude come from?

What attitude? That it's nonsense to be outraged by an unimportant change to a *catalogue*?

Of course the "common man" cares about nothing! That doesn't mean we should be living among piles of dogshit.

Where does THAT elitist attitude come from?

You can take a look at the Soviets as an example.

If you think grey concrete ghettos only exist in the Soviet Union you should probably get out more. It's also beside the point. We're talking about a hardly noticeable change that in no way affect the products the company is selling. It's not like they all of a sudden decided that all their furniture is going to be available in only one colour and that colour is grey. It's not an important change to the majority of their customers.

It's a storm in a teacup whipped up by people with nothing better to do.
There's a difference between "I dont like the new IKEA font" and "OH MY GOD! The sky is falling! We must petition IKEA to change the font!".

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