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Mozilla & Gecko clones Earlier this week, news got out that Apple was shipping an outdated version of Adobe's Flash Player with Snow Leopard; if you updated to a more recent version before the upgrade to Snow Leopard, you would receive a downgrade. This older version had security holes in it, so Adobe advised everyone to upgrade. The Mozilla team has now announced that Firefox 3.5.3 and 3.0.14 will include a Flash version checker.
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RE: Bizarro Mozilla
by sj87 on Sat 5th Sep 2009 17:17 UTC in reply to "Bizarro Mozilla"
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Good to see megacorporation Mozilla spending time and resources for little 'ol non-profit Adobe.

Oh wait..

Is is disappointing to see an open source project helping distribute updates to proprietary extentions. This is like the Linux kernel team pushing out update notices for closed nvidia drivers.

Where does it end? Silverlight? Sun Java VM?

The browser should enable easy updates of its extensions and stuff. Adobe should just make possible for Mozilla to provide such a feature, which seems to be the case already (on Windows, version with its one-click install). Distribution vendors do also allow updating the nVidia modules through package managers.

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jabbotts Member since:

I'd like to see Adobe do it right and provide the Flash plugin through the normal Mozilla process. Updates could be captured with the rest of the plugin updates and it wouldn't be a visit to then a visit to Adobe on updates day.

The same for Microsoft's .NET plugin; why is it not provided through the existing Mozilla plugin framework rather than a -- be it not disableable -- backdoor into the system.

I'm still glad something is being provided at all but going through the existing framework could only be better for end users.

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Hiev Member since:

Because is the job of the vendors to provide the pluggins in this case MS and Adobe, not Mozilla.

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RE[2]: Bizarro Mozilla
by tobyv on Sun 6th Sep 2009 01:44 in reply to "RE: Bizarro Mozilla"
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I agree. But they shouldn't go out of their way to help one specific addon, IMHO.

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