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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Culf of Mac published an article showing off some of Snow Leopard's beautiful 512x512 icons, revealing some interesting tidbits about them you could only see when the icons are fully maximised. In this article, I compare some of Snow Leopard's icons to those of Windows 7, and you'll see while both operating systems have beautiful icons, there are some key differences between the styles of these icons. Note that this article contains some large images, so if you're on dial-up, you've been warned.
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RE[2]: Oxygen
by smitty on Tue 8th Sep 2009 01:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Oxygen"
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One thing, Oxigen has copied a lot from Apple in general. Face it boys, there is very little innovation going on at the open source church. I would say that 95% of all open sourced programs are a response to a proprietary one.

True. But I think you can say the exact same thing about proprietary apps. I mean, how many of those are innovative either? There's very little created these days that isn't based on something older in one way or another.

Besides, why should Thom waste his time including in his discussion an OS that still, after all these years, cannot break the 1% barrier?

Maybe because this website is called OSNews, and is dedicated to more than just the main 2 operating systems. So your argument is that they should stop covering Linux completely, and become a Windows/Mac website? In fact, forget about the Macs - they've been around for decades, and they're still under 10%? Clearly completely worthless to talk about...

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