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Debian and its clones Developer Frans Pop, author of debtree, posted an article showing the evolution in size of the GNOME desktop environment in recent Debian releases. The picture he paints isn't particularly pretty: the default GNOME install has increased drastically in size over the years.
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by Hey_neken on Tue 8th Sep 2009 08:55 UTC
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Ok, Gnome is getting bigger and bigger and same applies to Debian. But did someone heard about Gentoo? USE="-cups" and you won't depend on cups. Avahi? USE="-avahi" and it's done. And one can apply this rule for every optional dependency that by default Debian will install.

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RE: Gentoo
by cjst on Tue 8th Sep 2009 09:17 in reply to "Gentoo"
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Oh great, one month has just passed while recompiling everything... Ever heard of dlopen()? Most free software developers haven't heard of it either...

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RE[2]: Gentoo
by Hey_neken on Tue 8th Sep 2009 09:35 in reply to "RE: Gentoo"
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C'mon, any modern machine can build a full Gentoo system in a few hours and updating/maintaining it doesn't cost that much time and you can cherrypick the updates you want. Try to install Gnome on Debian or Ubuntu and you'll get Dia or even gnome-bluetooth with all the bluez stack.

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