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Privacy, Security, Encryption PandaLabs has issued a ranking of the most insidious malware threats that have surfaced in the past 20 years. Threats have been selected for the notoriety they achieved through widespread epidemic and the damage caused. Some of the "stars" from the list include Melissa from 1999, ILoveYou from 2000 and Nimda from 2001.
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... but no so-called IT professional writer dares to say? That they run on Microsoft's platforms.

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1) This list was clearly not written by a professional writer.

2) Don't you remember the amiga and macintosh viruses from back in the day? Not to mention MS-DOS (PC-DOS and DR-DOS too!) infections.

Microsoft does not have a monopoly on insecurity!

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Well in order for a virus to be successful and attack a lot of computers it needs to be on a platform that is most common. A Linux virus or even a Mac Virus would have limited impact. Most Mac and Linux viruses are proof of concept viruses. Why because they don't have the ability to spread. I am sure there are Microsoft Fan Boys who would love to make a virus and wipe the Smug smiles off the Linux and Mac users. However getting the virus to spread further then a couple of systems. (Where if they were infected they may not know, as they would just assumed OS Failure, and reformatted and reinstalled their OS) And didn't spread to people who would analysis the problem.

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a malware that destroyed mac os x would be first page news in the world

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