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Debian and its clones Developer Frans Pop, author of debtree, posted an article showing the evolution in size of the GNOME desktop environment in recent Debian releases. The picture he paints isn't particularly pretty: the default GNOME install has increased drastically in size over the years.
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RE[6]: Get off my lawn!
by strcpy on Fri 11th Sep 2009 09:01 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Get off my lawn!"
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Mind you, a lot of us who have that "old man smell" are exactly the people who are writing software for you.

Oh, the ungrateful Linux youth.

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RE[7]: Get off my lawn!
by FooBarWidget on Fri 11th Sep 2009 11:37 in reply to "RE[6]: Get off my lawn!"
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Writing the software for me? Ungrateful youth? How funny, because I'm a programmer myself and I strive to make my software as easy to use as possible for my users. Even if that means I have to spend several more hours to make something just a little more easier to use. In fact, my attempts to contribute to Linux desktop usability is usually undermined by overly conservative people like you.

Old man.

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