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Windows Performance and metrics researcher Devil Mountain Software has released an array of real-world Windows use data as compiled by its, a community-based monitoring tool that receives real-time data from about 10,000 PCs throughout the world. Tracking users specific configurations, as well as the applications they actually use, the tool provides insights into real-world Windows use, including browser share, multicore adoption, service pack adoption, and which anti-virus, productivity, and media software users are most prevalent among Windows users. Of note is the fact that, two years after Vista's release, not even 30 percent of PCs actually run it, that is making inroads into the Microsoft Office user base, and that, despite the rise of Firefox, Internet Explorer remains the standard option for inside-the-firewall apps.
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by DrDankenstein on Sat 12th Sep 2009 21:03 UTC in reply to ""
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I'm a little skeptical about the OO claim, although it would be cool. I suspect it's selection bias. In other words, the sorts of people who would be interested in participating in a survey like this would tend to be the sort who would use OO, but I happily admit I could be wrong.

alot of my customers have switched to open office, gimp and firefox lately. im really happy that my clients are embracing open standards - even though they dont know about them. i usually tell them, hey its $XXX for microsoft office and free for open office. and the kicker is open office will do excel, power point and word, what is there to lose?

they simply love it.

Dr. D

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by Phuqker on Sat 12th Sep 2009 21:08 in reply to "RE:"
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Oh, I have nothing against OpenOffice. I think it's a great product. My only point was that I doubt it's as prevalent as the study seems to suggest, due to statistical selection bias.

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