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Multimedia, AV While we at OSNews often talk about desktops, laptops, and netbooks, there is another "form factor" which is making inroads into various households: the home theatre PC, or HTPC. There are a lot of software packages out there that will aid in turning a computer into an HTPC, and since I've been testing three of them extensively over the past months, I figured we'd talk about what you use.
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RE[8]: MythTV - thankyou
by DrillSgt on Sun 13th Sep 2009 15:28 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: MythTV - thankyou"
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"In the EU libdvdcss is not illegal for DVD playback on non-Windows/Mac platforms."

It hasn't been tested in court, but under most nations' implementations of the EUCD (which outlaws the circumvention of copy protection mechanisms, just like the DMCA) it almost certainly is.

Actually in the US it was tested a few years ago. It was determined that the use of libdvdcss was not illegal. What is illegal is making it available. That is why you will not find libdvdcss hosted on servers located in the US, and have to download it from another country. So you getting it and installing it to use your media is not an issue.

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