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Internet & Networking At PrepCom3, a dramatic last-minute deal drawn up by the EU may mark the end of the US government's control of the internet. In essence, [the EU called for] a new version of the current overseeing body ICANN and an end to the US government's overall control of the DNS. The US was scathing about the proposals, within minutes telling delegates that it "can't in any way allow any changes" that would prevent it from having overall control of the internet. Other countries, like Brazil, China, Iran and Cuba support the proposal. Brazil's ambassador outlined: "It is not a question of being anti-ICANN, it's about having a very clear and open and democratic and inclusive mechanism of overview of certain functions that today are performed by ICANN with no kind of supervision."
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RE[3]: Democratic?
by Colonel Panic on Fri 30th Sep 2005 14:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Democratic?"
Colonel Panic
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Sorry a**hole but I live in the NOLA area and I haven't seen any of your precious aid as yet. When it arrives please let me know, till then keep your uniformed piehole shut.

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RE[4]: Democratic?
by on Fri 30th Sep 2005 14:44 in reply to "RE[3]: Democratic?"
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Haven't seen any precious aid? So you left before the storm and haven't been allowed back yet? That's the best/most plausible scenario, and if that's what's happened I can see your point. However after spending 3 weeks in New Orleans, the first in the Superdome, I know you are full of crap. I personally saw to dropping off water/food/supplies at different streets throughout the city. Went house to house by BOAT (I'm in the infantry, that's a bit out of my lane) to rescue survivors. There was an abundance of food/water EVERY WHERE that had been dropped off by rescue workers. Obviously if you are alive and well and on the internet you saw SOME of that "precious aid." You sir are a cry baby jackass.

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RE[5]: Democratic?
by Colonel Panic on Fri 30th Sep 2005 20:31 in reply to "RE[4]: Democratic?"
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Well Mr Anonymous, if you would please login and show yourself
maybe I would have more respect for you, which at the moment I don't. You missed the point totally. I was referring to the people in the EU for one and was commentting on their FINACIAL aid. Since you were so ignorant as not to specify what kind of aid you administered, I could only comment on what I perceived as US bashing jerk.
I LIVE here, and if I come off as defensive about the the city I love, tuff shit. If you were one of the folks rescuing people you receive my whole-hearted thanks.

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