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BeOS & Derivatives After eight years of hard work, the day has finally arrived. Today, September 14, the Haiku project has released its very first alpha release. With the goal of recreating one of the most beloved operating systems in history, the BeOS, they took on no small task, but it seems as if everything is finally starting to come together. Let's talk about the history of the BeOS, where Haiku comes from, and what the Alpha is like.
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RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Tue 15th Sep 2009 05:29 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by kaiwai"
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The benefit for MIT or BSD, as opposed to GPL, is that they can make their own closed-source drivers for the system. GPL prevents this in Linux, and so Linux would theoretically have less support from big hardware vendors than Haiku would, if they were on equal footing.

Just to make a minor addition; the problem is GPL not LGPL. Right now Linus has said that he'll allow binary drivers to be compiled against Linux but according to GPL those drivers have to be open sourced and licensed under GPL. This why the problem I have had has always been with GPL and not LGPL. LGPL provides a balanced approach where as the GPL is a one way transaction where there is no community outside that of GPL.

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RE[6]: Comment by kaiwai
by gilboa on Wed 16th Sep 2009 15:18 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by kaiwai"
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Actually, if you create an open-source layer between your cross-platform driver and the kernel, the actual binary driver no longer falls under the "derived work" definition. (-especially given the fact that your driver supports non-GPL kernels)

... Linux devs may decide to block non-GPL modules from loading, but this has nothing to do with the actual GPL-inside-the-kernel problem.

Licensing problems aside, it's good to see a Be-derived open source OS. (No matter what license they choose to use)

- Gilboa

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