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BeOS & Derivatives After eight years of hard work, the day has finally arrived. Today, September 14, the Haiku project has released its very first alpha release. With the goal of recreating one of the most beloved operating systems in history, the BeOS, they took on no small task, but it seems as if everything is finally starting to come together. Let's talk about the history of the BeOS, where Haiku comes from, and what the Alpha is like.
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Looking forward:
by DLazlo on Tue 15th Sep 2009 14:41 UTC
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To being able to show it off to all the folks I espoused BeOS to in years past.

To use it on PPC. I still have a few Macs with dual 604's & G3 upgrades. These, my BeBox, and a few x86 1, 2, and 4 cpu systems can be used to demo the OS evolution to intersted groups such as Boy Scouts (for Computer Badge projects) or others. I already do this occasionally with the rest of my computing 'museum' (in wifespeak, "junk").

To R1 so that I can donate a 'HaikuBox' for public use/web browsing to my local library to help generate a little more interest in and public recognition of Haiku.
My neighbor is running for school board and I've already talked to him about if he wins. I got a positive response from him on getting Linux introduced and/or used at least in some small way in our local school system. He's an accountant and was attracted by the financial aspect of it's use. Haiku R1 has this and the added benefit of doing more with existing hardware.

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