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Windows Microsoft has been very protective over its OEM pricing, and while various figures float around the web, the company has never really confirmed or denied any of them. At the Jefferies Annual Technology Conference, however, Charles Songhurst, general manager of Corporate Strategy, revealed some of the pricing details for OEMs.
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RE[3]: Microsoft Tax
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 16th Sep 2009 22:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Microsoft Tax"
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People are going to buy what they know. If Harry Homeowner can't find Internet Explorer on his new Ubuntu netbook, chances are, to him, it doesn't have internet.

I'm sure the advertising will make it clear that you can, in fact, get online. It'll probably say something along the lines of "Firefox for Web browsing." It'll likely have (*GASP!*) an instruction manual or quick-start guide. If Harry Homeowner is really that damn dumb, then hopefully he's smart enough to use a phone and dial tech support, surely he'll find his answer within a decent period of time and be happy.

I know people are idiotic when it comes to computers, but people like you who make a case about IE vs. alternative Web browsers make people look dumber than an old, weathered pile of bricks. In some cases it's true; if so, those people shouldn't even be *buying* a computer in the first place without at least learning the absolute basics. You don't learn to drive a car without also learning such basics as checking/refilling your tires and putting your gas in your tank, do you?

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