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BSD and Darwin derivatives The DragonFly 2.4 release was released just today. One can choose from a bare-bones CD ISO, a DVD ISO that includes an X environment, and a bare-bones bootable USB drive image. In addition, this is the first time DragonFlyBSD has had a 64-bit ISO. 64-bit support is stable, but there will only be limited pkgsrc support in the current release. All versions of the release can all be downloaded from one of the many mirrors.
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RE: what is dragonfly
by evert on Thu 17th Sep 2009 10:47 UTC in reply to "what is dragonfly"
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Your question is a bit silly, because a simple Google or Wikipedia query would give you much more information:

(Still, I voted you up, back to 1, because I feel that such questions should not be modded down. Much people have such questions when they face a new OS.)

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RE[2]: what is dragonfly
by netean on Thu 17th Sep 2009 16:12 in reply to "RE: what is dragonfly"
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shouldn't that kind of info be available on The Dragonfly BSD site?

also.. I understood less than half of the wikipedia page. Symmetric multiprocessing, LWKT ... ports/messaging all gibberish to me, and still gave me no understanding of what DragonflyBSD is or why I might want to use it. Let alone why it might be better/worse than any other BSD distro?

now, you're gonna reply and say "if you don't know what they are Dragonfly isn't for you" and perhaps you'd be right. But a bit of plain English to explain it's pros and cons would be great.

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