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BSD and Darwin derivatives The DragonFly 2.4 release was released just today. One can choose from a bare-bones CD ISO, a DVD ISO that includes an X environment, and a bare-bones bootable USB drive image. In addition, this is the first time DragonFlyBSD has had a 64-bit ISO. 64-bit support is stable, but there will only be limited pkgsrc support in the current release. All versions of the release can all be downloaded from one of the many mirrors.
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SMP support
by Mark Williamson on Thu 17th Sep 2009 17:00 UTC
Mark Williamson
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I seem to remember that originally a key motivation in forking DFly from FreeBSD was Matt Dillon's (DFly founder and leader developer) disagreement over their SMP strategy. DFly has been engineered to support multiprocessing in a quite different way to most other contemporary OSes. But as far as I could tell from reading the Dragonfly BSD Digest ( - a very interesting blog) this work has not yet been completed.

The emphasis seems to have shifted to clustering work etc. It's interesting stuff, to be sure, but I'd still like to see the final results of the SMP strategy.

Their HAMMER filesystem looks very interesting, though. The "high level journaling" stuff looked really cool as well but I don't know to what extent they use that currently.

I'd be quite interested to see a summary of what Dragonfly's benefits are *now* over other OSes.

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