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Mac OS X During the first two weeks of its release, Snow Leopard outsold Apple's two previous operating systems by a wide margin and set a record for the Mac maker. Sales of Apple's latest OS were more than two times higher than its predecessor, Leopard, and almost four times more than Leopard's predecessor, Tiger, according to the NPD Group, which tracks retail sales, excluding online sales.
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Cheap? depends really
by _xmv on Fri 18th Sep 2009 14:59 UTC
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its only $30 if you bought leopard. otherwise you must buy leopard and add up $30, so its more expensive actually.

On top of that "no new features" feels like a cheap service pack in the Windows world ;)

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RE: Cheap? depends really
by zlynx on Fri 18th Sep 2009 15:36 in reply to "Cheap? depends really"
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In the Microsoft world, MS is getting people to pay more for Windows 7.

The only new features in Windows 7 are a cosmetic change in the task bar and some background things like multithreaded display APIs and DX11. And of course, memory and speed improvements.

It's a lot like Snow Leopard that way.

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RE[2]: Cheap? depends really
by FealDorf on Fri 18th Sep 2009 19:28 in reply to "RE: Cheap? depends really"
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True, MS *has* to sanitize their prices. Atleast $149 for Win7 Home Premium would feel like "worth the buy"...
On the other hand, I wonder what factor played the major role for its sales this time; probably performance improvements

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RE: Cheap? depends really
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Fri 18th Sep 2009 15:40 in reply to "Cheap? depends really"
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According to Apple that is what you have to do. Tiger->leopard -> $30 snow leopard
Tiger->$169 Snow leopard, ilife, iwork combo

But Tiger->$30 Snow Leopard works just fine.

But, yeah it is like an old school service pack. Something on the lines of XP SP 2 or NT 4 SP 4. I was sort of amazed at the time that they were free. Then again, Microsoft did charge $25 for Windows 98 Second Edition. Snow leopard is sort of like that.

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