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Hardware, Embedded Systems We all know (and love?) ARM as the company which focusses on licensing designs for power-efficient yet still powerful processors, mostly used in embedded devices. The Cambridge company has been looking to expand into the netbook market, and has now announced a new step in this process with a number of new multicore Cortex-A9 designs.
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What about Mobo for desktop?
by Zbigniew on Fri 18th Sep 2009 18:37 UTC
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I would to buy quite ordinary motherboard with new ARM

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RE: What about Mobo for desktop?
by spikeb on Fri 18th Sep 2009 20:57 in reply to "What about Mobo for desktop?"
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I'm waiting for that too! anyone listening? we want regular ARM motherboards in standardized form factors!

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Currently you can get this micro-atx form factor motherboard with Cortex-A9 or ARM11MPCore, but it will cost you:

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You guys seen the beagleboard?

I nearly wet myself when I saw it. Perfect media pc hub.

My wife has reasoned with my though. For now...... ;-)

There is also the sheevaplug .

But that lack all the video out stuff.

Computers are getting interesting again. Once freed from Windows, you freed from x86. :-)

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