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Opera Software You all know that I don't particularly like Opera. I find the product to be lacking polish, over-complicated and without the marketing pizazz that has made Firefox a household name. That's just my personal opinion, and that opinion has garnered many complaints of unjustness. To that end, to present a fairer discussion I would like to put a simple question to the community: "What should Opera do?".
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Easing the switch
by Andre Siegel on Sun 20th Sep 2009 04:17 UTC
Andre Siegel
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In order to increase the adoption of its browser on the desktop, I strongly believe that Opera Software should bundle skins/UI themes that strongly resemble Internet Explorer as well as Firefox, both being the two most popular web browsers these days, and offer them as configuration options during the installation process. (What user interface theme would you like to use? Opera default - IE-inspired theme - Firefox-inspired theme)

I understand that Opera Software put great effort into developing their default user interface and aim to use it as a means to differentiate its browser from the rest. So, my suggestion my seem like heresy to people who are already fans of the browser and / or are working for Opera.

However, being required to re-learn certain usage patterns is in fact a barrier for quite a number of users that provents Opera from growing its market share further. To experienced users, the user interface differences may seem minor, but not everyone is a seasoned computer user. If you can choose between a fast browser that requires you to relearn a few things and a noticeably less fast browser that works exactly you as you would expect, the outcome is not always as clear as the average reader might think.

*Convenience* is a major driver of user adoption. Having the option to manually download and install a third-party skin that resembles your previous web browser is really not quite the same as being offered a seamless transition to the Opera browser after installing the default software package.

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