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Internet & Networking Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission, today laid out plans to enforce net neutrality upon the internet. While the FCC is a US-only entity, fact of the matter is that "control" over the internet lies within the US, so whatever the FCC decides, it will affect the rest of the world.
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RE[3]: Excellent news. - agreed
by phoenix on Tue 22nd Sep 2009 18:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Excellent news. - agreed"
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"It's barely tolerable that my upload speed does not remotely match my download speed.

I agree with your general sentiment, but isn't this a technical characteristic of ADSL?

ADSL, yes. Afterall, the A is for Asynchronous.

However, DSL is not inherently asynchronous. There are synchronous forms of DSL, mainly, you guessed it, SDSL.

There are other forms of DSL as well. It's just that ADSL is the cheapest to install and manage.

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