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Intel The Intel Developer Forum is currently in full swing, but it kicked off with a speech by Intel CEO Paul Otellini. Well, there's bad news for those of us who long for a time where lots of different architectures compete with one another, ensuring that technology is moved forward. Otellini's plans for Intel basically come down to one thing: x86 everywhere.
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Comment by Jondice
by Jondice on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 03:21 UTC
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We already can *only* buy viable x86 workstations. The last one to go (almost 2 years ago) was the Power based Intellistation from IBM, and it wasn't anything to write home about.

It is already a monopoly in perhaps the largest sector of sold processors (I don't have stats though).

Any idea on how the lowly geek who is not in IT can help?

The only thing that comes to mind would be
1) Buying a slightly overpriced desktop novelty computer that I don't have much space or need for. Maybe an ARM computer that runs Haiku once it supports ARM better...

2) Getting my lab to buy a non-x86 server when we need one. But being as we will use Solaris, that limits it to SPARC for the foreseeable future, and most of the good SPARC chips these days are good at a type of multithreading not particularly useful for most types of scientific computing. (If only it looked like Rock would ever get here.)

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RE: Comment by Jondice
by nt_jerkface on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 05:05 in reply to "Comment by Jondice"
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You are looking to support non-X86 cpus by buying devices that use them? Well you could start with a game console.

Anyways the best comment I heard about x86 was that it is like eating sausage. It tastes fine as long as you don't think about what goes into it.

Apple gave the ppc a good run, and cell phones will continue to push non-x86 development. Who the hell cares if x86 takes over more of the world. It's just sausage.

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