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Hardware, Embedded Systems We have a new chapter in the Palm Pre and iTunes saga. We all remember that the Pre could sync with iTunes, but that Apple wasn't particularly keen on this. The Cupertino company issued an iTunes which intentionally broke Pre syncing, but Palm retorted by re-enabling it not long after. Palm also sent a complaint to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's behaviour, but the USB-IF squarely sides with Apple.
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That's the stinky foot in the other shoe; if you have an iThingy, you probably have to have iTunes installed to make it work even if you don't use the media manager after that. iPhone has all the needed features preinstalled including the App Store client yet you'll need to prove you have iTunes installed before you can get the device to a usable state.

For your car, is there not a stereo in jack you can use a mail to mail cable with? Not as slick as a docking station and PMP controls through the stereo nobs but it may be the best option. I've also seen good documentation on how to add your own line in jack if the system has the headers on the back of it.

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