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Hardware, Embedded Systems We have a new chapter in the Palm Pre and iTunes saga. We all remember that the Pre could sync with iTunes, but that Apple wasn't particularly keen on this. The Cupertino company issued an iTunes which intentionally broke Pre syncing, but Palm retorted by re-enabling it not long after. Palm also sent a complaint to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's behaviour, but the USB-IF squarely sides with Apple.
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Palm is being unprofessional.
by theTSF on Wed 23rd Sep 2009 15:30 UTC
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That is the point the make me sick of Palm. There just being so unprofessional about it and bending if not breaking a lot of ethical borders.

1. Taking Ex Apple Employees with inside knowlege of Apple to make the Pre.

2. Hacking there product to use iTunes without permission.

This is more then normal competition There is some big grudge match going on here, that Palm is taking very personally. And doing stupid stuff.

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Hiring ex employees is nothing new nor unethical as far as I see it. The software should be protected by copywrite and hardware by applicable patents. Remember that much of Apple's own early OS was done by hiring ex-staffers also.

But, the spoofing of device identifications and other work-arounds by Palm to imposed connectivity may go beyond reasonable reasons for reverse-engineering. There are also better way to achieve the same outcome rather than targeting the iTunes link so directly.

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well, probably only the "direct" link to iTunes gives you ALL the features.

I DO have a problem with someone ACTIVELY hindering others without getting something from that action. I call such people bullies and do-no-goods.

Being nice would be a much better way to advertize oneself, than being a bully.

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