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Internet Explorer Earlier this week, Google launched Chrome Frame, a plugin for Internet Explorer 6/7/8 which replaces the Trident rendering engine with Chrome's rendering and JavaScript engine for better performance and superior standards compliance. Microsoft has responded to this release, claiming it makes Internet Explorer less secure. Note: What database category do I put this in? Internet Explorer? Google? Choices, choices!
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RE[3]: Microsoft is right
by ssa2204 on Thu 24th Sep 2009 21:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Microsoft is right"
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"[q]Mod me down, linux fanboys, but...

I agree, in principle, with the rest of your post. (Though I doubt the real-world difference will turn out to be significant.) But as a Linux advocate, I think it is reasonable to ask what purpose this quoted bit at the top of it was supposed to serve. Would not your post have been clearer and stronger without it?

Simply because a large percentage of Linux users use it because they hate Microsoft as a company. I am tired of being modded down for saying something other than "OMG Microsoft sucks LOL!!!."

I have nothing against Linux or Linux users. I use Linux, Windows, and *BSD. I use whatever is best for the job at hand. I just don't like rabid fanboys.

I apologize if my comment offended anyone. [/q]

Kind of sad in this world where you have to make a disclaimer to appeal to morons. Religion use to be an opiate of the masses, but now it seems software is as well. Get everyone emotionally tied to something this idiotic and they won't care about what really matters in life. Linux Sucks, Microsoft Sucks, Windows Sucks, FSF Sucks, chuck it all away and get a free $1 calculator and your life's problems are solved. Or, just freaking enjoy what you have.

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RE[4]: Microsoft is right
by nt_jerkface on Thu 24th Sep 2009 22:43 in reply to "RE[3]: Microsoft is right"
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and get a free $1 calculator and your life's problems are solved. Or, just freaking enjoy what you have.

Texa$ In$trument$ $hill.

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