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Microsoft Most of us are probably aware of Singularity, a research operating system out of Microsoft Research which explored a number of new ideas, which is available as open source software. Singularity isn't the only research OS out of Microsoft; they recently released the first snapshot of a new operating system, called Barrelfish. It introduces the concept of the multikernel, which treats a multicore system as a network of independent cores, using ideas from distributed systems.
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by waid0004 on Sat 26th Sep 2009 04:43 UTC
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I applaud the efforts of these researchers, this looks really creative. Without real research, computers are never going to get to be anything more than they are now. Releasing code (no matter the license) furthers the validity of their work.

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by Mapou on Sun 27th Sep 2009 18:58 in reply to "Interesting"