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Apple The European Union has stated today that it is taking the "exploding" iPhone issues very, very seriously. EU consumer watchdog Meglena Kuneva has explained that if national authorities find out that manufacturing faults are the cause of the issue, the iPhone will face an EU-wide recall.
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RE: Watch your language please!
by memson on Tue 29th Sep 2009 14:21 UTC in reply to "Watch your language please!"
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Calling Meglena Kuneva a "watchdog" is a bit unkind.

No, no it isn't. Next time, please look up the meaning of a term if you are unsure of what it means. It has nothing to do with insulting, it is actually used to mean "overseer" or "person who keeps an eye on things" or "person who looks out for wrong doing".

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I disagree with you here. While the definition itself doesn't hold a negative meaning, labeling someone a "watchdog" implies (to me at least) that they are overprotective and the "dog" in the name can also bring associations to being less than human. All in all a negativistic portreyal and I also thought at first that Thom didn't agree with her and thought she's way over her head with this.

Calling her an overseer or such would be much more better if it was ment to be a compliment.

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