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Apple The European Union has stated today that it is taking the "exploding" iPhone issues very, very seriously. EU consumer watchdog Meglena Kuneva has explained that if national authorities find out that manufacturing faults are the cause of the issue, the iPhone will face an EU-wide recall.
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Any battery will explode under the right conditions. Hell, for all we know it's not even the battery. It could be some funky power management/charging unit with buggy firmware. Remember, microcontrollers are used EVERYWHERE.

Don't be so quick to run to judgment on the issue. It's hard to tell who is at fault in cases like these. It could be abuse, it could be batteries, it could be software, it could be firmware, it could even be ROM burned into some itty bitty microcontroller responsible for charging the battery. Hell, that code might not even be written by Apple.

There's a lot of points of failure in modern electronics.

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