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Apple The European Union has stated today that it is taking the "exploding" iPhone issues very, very seriously. EU consumer watchdog Meglena Kuneva has explained that if national authorities find out that manufacturing faults are the cause of the issue, the iPhone will face an EU-wide recall.
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Comment by steogede2
by steogede2 on Wed 30th Sep 2009 15:35 UTC
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This is not an uncommon occurrence. Senseo coffee machines from Philips (practically every household has one here in The Netherlands) were recalled after the EU confirmed the machines could potentially burn the hands of those that operated them.

I would like to correct that. Firstly it isn't a common occurance. It happens as often as a product is found to be unusually unsafe. Product recalls aren't unheard of, but I wouldn't say they are common. I have never in my life owned a product that was recalled - my car was recalled, but that was years before I bought it.

Secondly, it generally is a recall of a whole product range, only only certain models and often only certain batches of those models. The Senseo recall affected six specific models - and of those models, only ones manufactured within a certain period.

Thirdly it isn't made clear that recalls are not mandatory for consumers. Okay you might have difficulty buying an iPhone, while Apple rolls out the safer stock - but if you don't want to lose the use of your phone whilst Apple repair it, you would still be able to continue use it at your own risk (though if it is a company phone, your employer might have something to say about it, unless your employer wants you to sue them).

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