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GNU, GPL, Open Source Well, this is refreshing. While Richard Stallman is a staunch critic of anything closed and non-Free, his ire seems mostly directed towards DRM and Microsoft. However, a lesser known fact is that he often talks about Apple's Mac OS X too in his speeches. During those speeches, he repeatedly claimed Mac OS X contained a backdoor which allowed Apple to forcibly impose software changes upon users. Stallman has now posted a retraction for those claims.
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RE[6]: Give the man a rest
by spiderman on Wed 30th Sep 2009 20:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Give the man a rest"
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ESR said that the Open Source term came out of meetings he was a part of when consulting with netscape on how to open their source code. If I'm wrong about it, thats why, and I would love to be corrected.

ok then.

Regarding open source, he may not be against it, but he sure isn't for it, and hates it when people use free software and open source as synonyms, since to him, open source completely misses the point.

here is what the FSF think about open source, as a term:

Another group has started using the term open source to mean something close (but not identical) to free software. We prefer the term free software because, once you have heard that it refers to freedom rather than price, it calls to mind freedom. The word open never refers to freedom.

So they prefer using the term free software instead of open source. They think it refers to something close though.

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