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Microsoft Microsoft have released their free anti-virus and anti-malware software (codenamed 'Morro') to the public, under the name of 'Microsoft Security Essentials'.
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RE: its not bad
by Googol on Wed 30th Sep 2009 20:29 UTC in reply to "its not bad"
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you guys are killing me. Yes, all of you who voted this up to 4 ;)

Tell me, are you running an anti-virus lab? Yes? No? How do you know it is "good"? It is good if the detection rate is good, and in NO OTHER circumstance. But of course you have no clue about that simply by installing it. omg...

It is good when competent sources test it and find it to be good, certainly not because you guys think so.

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RE[2]: its not bad
by Nex6 on Wed 30th Sep 2009 21:37 in reply to "RE: its not bad"
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yeah, and avg and other 'free' AV are consider good? i never said it was "good" I said it was "not bad".

as for how i came to that, i did not do massive testing. i said i loaded on my laptop. and played with it. The AV engine is no worse then sophos or avg.

when, i scaned it aganist some old archives it found stuff neither avg or sophos was able to find.

and, when surfing "bad" sites it blocked stuff That sophos or avg never did. so, yea, my impression so far it not bad probley at least as good as sophos or avg.

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