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Legal A very simple question for you. How often have you resold software that you legally purchased? Often enough, right? Well, if it's up to Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD, you will no longer be allowed to resell your software. Update: As it turns out, the matter has already been resolved: Autodesk lost. A win for all of us.
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I acquired a large quantity of unopened Dell OS restore disk sets about a year or so ago. they all were for Optiplex workstations where the company had bought downgrade rights to XP Pro then used their corporate volume license media instead of the dell restore disk when they deployed the workstations. I listed the disk sets on ebay and made sure that I advised that these were only to be used as a replacement disk for a properly licensed Dell computer that had the correct Dell branded Windows XP Professional COA License sticker on their system, and that the disks did not come with a serial number and that they wouldn't work on a non dell system.

after about 3 separate reports from microsoft to ebay that caused my auctions to be delisted. I was mad as hell about the issue but couldn't get them to stop yanking my auctions. Ebay even went so far as to inform me that if I listed them again they would suspend my user account....

I still have these disks somewhere in storage, I wonder if this is something where this law could be put into effect.

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You could try to sell at a flea market (ie out of the back of a van) or through a local internet classified ad site (ie craigslist).

You may even have some luck selling them to a computer repair shop or unscrupulous local computer builder.

Don't let the microsoft 'man' get you down.

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