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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless AdMob has released their latest set of figures regarding the usage shares of various mobile platforms when it comes to web browsing. The figures are pretty clear: the big winners are the new kids on the block, iPhoneOS, Android, and webOS.
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Tony Swash
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As far as I can see these figures don't attempt to calculate market share but rather the relative share of people using their phones to browse the web. Its surely no surprise that the iPhone does so well here as the Safari browser on an iPhone was the first phone browser to offer a truly usable and pleasurable experience of web browsing on a phone and one that came much closer to the experience of browsing on a computer than any previous or existing phone based browser.

All evidence seems to suggest that iPhone users tend to use the web far more than non-iPhone users. That may change over time as the other manufacturers rush to try to catch up with Apple but for the moment the iPhone is and will continue to be the leading phone for web browsing.

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